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Learn all the secrets in the updated Fourth Edition of Paul Scheele's PhotoReading book

PhotoReading Book
4th Edition
Usually ships within 24 hours


  It's Risk-Free!

Join over 750,000 people and read Paul R. Scheele's easy-to-read book, PhotoReading.

Not only will you discover the step-by-step process, but you will learn the origins of PhotoReading in the developer's own words.

Paul Scheele shares dozens of real-life stories from actual PhotoReaders to help you understand how PhotoReading can work in your life. You will finish the book saying, "If my mind is capable of PhotoReading, think what else I'm capable of doing!" (See contents below.)

For maximum benefit, read the book before attending a seminar—the book is included with the PhotoReading personal learning course.

The book is a great way to learn about PhotoReading. If you really want to learn PhotoReading, then start right away with the PhotoReading personal learning course.

  1. You will automatically receive the book with the course.
  2. The course is the best way to learn PhotoReading on your own. The audio learning sessions, course manual, and books are specially designed to lead you through the process of learning and using PhotoReading.
  3. With the 30-day, money-back, satisfaction guarantee, you have absolutely nothing to lose. If the course is not for you, return it.
  4. You will receive free email or telephone coaching. We are here to support you.

But, if you cannot afford to buy the course right now, then by all means, order the book. Everything you need to know about PhotoReading is included in the book. Paul Scheele left nothing out.

Contents of the PhotoReading Book

Part One: Increase your Choices

  1. The Origins of PhotoReading
  2. Old Reading Habits or New Reading Choices

Part Two: Learn the PhotoReading Whole Mind System

  1. Prepare
  2. Preview
  3. PhotoRead
  4. Postview
  5. Activate

Part Three: Develop and Integrate Your Skills

  1. Make PhotoReading Part of Your Daily Life
  2. Share Information Through Group Activation
  3. Enrich Your PhotoReading Experience
  4. Use Syntopic Reading for Lifelong Exploration
  5. Questions and Answers for the Beginning PhotoReader
  6. Discover Your Genius Potential with Direct Learning
  7. The Secret of the PhotoReading Whole Mind System

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PhotoReading Book
4th Edition
Usually ships within 24 hours


  It's Risk-Free!

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Satisfied Customers

"My business success depends on understanding the environment I operate in. I must constantly reevaluate to minimize risks and maximize profits. PhotoReading is one of the greatest tools I have to cover more ground and do it faster than the competition. PhotoReading has helped me use my time wisely, opening more time for my family. It gives me balance."
Jim Williamson
Atlanta, Georgia

"I went back to college after 30 years and graduated with highest honors—all due to PhotoReading. It taught me how to learn anything more easily, and it helped build my confidence to a degree I had never experienced before."
Dr. Carol Reiners
Parkersburg, Iowa

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