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How does the PhotoReading process work?

The PhotoReading courses have a 96% success rate, because almost everyone, ages 13 and above, can use PhotoReading. And, if you ever get stuck, call or email one of our seasoned coaches. The service is free.

People get excited when they see us demonstrate PhotoReading at 25,000 words a minute and then answer questions immediately. Most people do not attain that level of competence right away. But, you absolutely can get through your reading in one third the time it takes you now. With use, you can develop your competence to where you are performing as well as the PhotoReading masters.

The five-step PhotoReading system

Let's look at the five steps of the complete PhotoReading whole mind system.

Step 1: Prepare

The first step of the PhotoReading system is to prepare by stating a clear purpose and getting into an ideal state of mind for reading.

Too many of us read as if our minds only had one gear. Before we start to read, we should be aware of what we want to find out. It also helps if you have entered a state of mind that switches on the whole mind—you will be able to do that with the amazing tangerine technique!

At first it may take you a few minutes to do this step, but within a very short time you'll be able to prepare in just a few moments.

Step 2: Preview

In this step you preview the materials so that your brain learns how to sort the information that will soon be absorbed by PhotoReading.

The military teaches that "Time spent in reconnaissance is seldom wasted." It holds true in reading. Using our special preview techniques, your mind lays down a mental grid onto which the data you PhotoRead flows.

This will take from just thirty seconds to two minutes depending on the materials. You can spend more time, but resist. We'll tell you the amazing reasons why when you learn PhotoReading (it has to do with short cuts based on How the Mind Works).

Step 3: PhotoRead

This is the biggest step, the actual PhotoReading step, where your brain absorbs information right off the page.

PhotoReading literally teaches you to look at a book differently, because we teach you a unique way to diverge your eyes. This is one of the secrets to enable your whole mind to absorb information as you flip through your reading material. You'll go at one page per second, which is about 25,000 words a minute.

You will need only a minute for most magazine articles and reports and three to eight minutes for most books.

Step 4: Postview

In this step you playfully explore the text to locate areas where you want more detail. You will take two to five minutes for long articles and reports; 6 to 15 minutes for books. No postview is needed for short articles.

In postview, you will survey the materials, discover and write down key words or terms that seem important to you, and create questions from those key terms that you would like to have answered by the author.

Your goal is to learn enough about the materials to plan your activation, the next step of the PhotoReading whole mind system.

Step 5: Activate

This step moves you through stages of comprehension, from awareness and familiarity up to knowledge. Various activation techniques help you process and understand information so that you know it consciously and can use it on a day-to-day basis.

One of these techniques is called super reading. It is similar to speed reading, but the results are far superior.

Another technique, rapid reading, comes close to regular reading; however, the level of comprehension it facilitates surpasses what you could ever get from regular reading. You will typically use rapid reading with more difficult subjects or with pleasure reading where you want more time to savor and play.

As a beginner you will be able to activate a book in one third the time it would have taken you to read it regularly.

You're not reading three times faster, because you will actually go through the material multiple times using different techniques. Learning comes best in layers, so you learn to activate material one piece at a time.

Is it tough? Not once you know our step-by-step process!

Step into success

Whether you do the seminar or the self-study course, you will reap immediate benefits because the methodology works. PhotoReading is based in science and explores the tremendous capabilities of the human mind. It helps you maximize your potential in practical and useful ways with no major time commitment to learn the system. Hundreds of thousands have gone before you in the years since we introduced the system, and it is time for you to take the step.

It is time to step out of the reading dark ages and absorb information virtually at the speed of light. This super fast learning technology activates your natural ability to quickly and easily absorb information, whether it's from books and magazines, business and technical reading, or even electronic files and emails. No wonder PhotoReading is the best-selling reading course in America today.

Find out how you can use PhotoReading to get ahead at school, gain a competitive advantage in your career, and improve yourself and your life.

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What the Experts Say...

"I have seen Paul Scheele help countless numbers of people to discover a faster, more efficient path to success through his PhotoReading system. No matter what you need to read, he can teach you to get it done in a third of the time."
Anthony Robbins, author of Awaken the Giant Within and Unlimited Power

"Leaders today grasp new ideas quickly, read voraciously across many important topics, and need to stay current with the latest advances in their fields. The PhotoReading whole mind system shows me how to do it all."
Ken Blanchard, Ph.D. co-author of the eight-million selling One Minute Manager

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