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How much is 200 extra hours worth?

Studies indicate that the typical executive spends 3.2 hours each day just to read communications that deal strictly with immediate business. This does not include newspapers, trade journals, or business-related books.

If PhotoReading could help cut this load by just 25%, you would be "buying" 200 hours in the next year alone!

This is how we gained 200 hours:

   (25% of 3.2 hours) times (5 days a week) times (50 weeks a year)

What is the cost of these 200 hours?

The cost for the PhotoReading seminar training is $750.00. Divide this amount by 200 hours gained, and we discover that each of the found hours costs only $3.75.

What is the worth of these 200 hours?

It is difficult to quantify the increase in productivity that can occur with these extra 200 hours. It is, however, easy to determine what an employer would pay for 200 hours. Just multiply the hourly pay for the executive by 200 hours. Try it:

   ($__________ per hour) times (200 hours) equals $___________.)

That's what PhotoReading means in the first year.

Is a 25% savings in reading feasible?

Let us answer that by drawing upon the experiences of our seminar participants. In class we spend just 20 minutes with a particular book using the PhotoReading whole mind reading techniques. Participants report they are satisfied that they know the book, and they demonstrate an average of 70% comprehension on a test. They also claim that if they had read it prior to the course, they would have spent five to seven hours to gain equivalent competency.

They say, in other words, that 90% savings in time are feasible on major reading projects. On everyday reading, participants demonstrate a 50% savings by reliably testing out at twice their entry level reading speed.

So, yes, 25% is certainly feasible, and it is easily attainable.

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Satisfied Customers

"I researched and wrote a report in two hours and received a 92%. PhotoReading is opening me to books and subjects I ordinarily would not read, because I now have the confidence to understand and use the material. It is a far cry better than the old method."
Chelsa Brown
Sunderland, Maryland

"As a business owner I am always looking for ways to increase my sales. I PhotoRead marketing books that I hadn't found time to read, and then put together a new sales piece that yielded twice what I had done before."
John Du Cane, Publisher
St. Paul, Minnesota

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