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Use your whole mind to read with speed, comprehension and enjoyment.
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Improve almost every area of your life

Excel at work, learn a new skill, improve in any sport, increase intuition, learn a new language, read all the books you want, do better at school, impress your friends…there's almost no limit to how you can use PhotoReading to improve your life.

  • Keep up with the latest trends and new ideas by understanding the gist of any book in three to five minutes.
  • Improve productivity by identifying and remembering key points from reports or books in ten minutes.
  • Be well-informed by comprehending books 3 to 18 times faster than you can now.
  • Reduce stress by being more relaxed and confident going through large volumes of information.
  • Keep up with your reading by identifying key concepts in magazine and journal articles in 30 to 60 seconds.
  • Improve creativity and problem solving by taking control of vital information.
  • Process, comprehend, and remember information more efficiently by using the PhotoReading whole mind system on all types of reading in all subjects.

People just like you have made dramatic changes in their lives

Stellar Students! We've received many emails from PhotoReaders who got through their school work faster, did better on tests, improved their grades, and got into grad school. As Kirk Pederson said, "PhotoReading changed studying from a chore to a pastime."

Retired and active people! Many people are finally able to read all of Oprah's book recommendations, hit the best sellers, dive into those subjects they've waited on for years, enjoy all of their magazines, and help the grandkids.

Climbing executives! Stories from executives have been incredibly exciting. Many have taken on impossible projects only to excel because of PhotoReading. Others have cut their reading time by 80%, freeing themselves for other projects. One executive PhotoRead marketing books leading to a breakthrough in sales. Another PhotoRead customer loyalty books and then designed a program that was implemented worldwide. Another stopped the loss of tens of millions of dollars after PhotoReading piles of reports. Another personally earned hundreds of thousands in bonuses because he expanded his personal knowledge base.

The stories go on and on. Find out how other people have used PhotoReading to improve their lives.

The PhotoReading whole mind system has worked successfully for people in all walks of life, and we are confident you will have great success with it too. How long will it take you to start experiencing the benefits of PhotoReading? You'll find yourself seeing results from the very first listening, and your skills will improve the more you use it. Our step-by-step process is easy to follow.

Don't worry—you can still use regular reading at any time.

See whether the PhotoReading course or seminar is best for you.

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TV Interview
Who has it worked for? Watch everyday people candidly talk about their breakthrough experiences with PhotoReading.
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How does it work? Watch a 6-minute television newsreport demonstrating PhotoReading.
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Satisfied Customers

"I PhotoRead The Quiz Setters's Quiz Book five times. My son and I got into the habit of going through a couple of quizzes each time he came over. I was getting nearly all of them right. I scored 1,996 out of 2,000! I contacted the author who said people usually get two or three wrong out of 30. He said, 'I don't think I could have got that many questions right. And I wrote the book!'"
Elizabeth Thomas
Shrewsbury, England

"I am paid more money now, because I can keep up with the massive amounts of information in my industry, something my colleagues cannot do. I also have more free time, because I don't have to spend so much time reading. I used to be swamped with reading, but no more!"
Morgan Hartt
Garden Grove, California

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